Vidmate 2014 Free Download Old Version Apk For Android

Vidmate 2014 is a free download android application for android devices. The app has been released by the company and is available for download. The app is available in the play store for free only.

Vidmate 2014 is a very useful and good android application that helps to increase the number of videos downloaded. It makes us download the videos which are available on YouTube. The app also makes us download the videos for which we are not able to view due to some reason.

This application is very useful when we are not connected to the network. The app is available in the play store for free only. It is very easy to download and use. If you have not downloaded the app yet, then you can download it from the play store.

The app works best when we are connected to WiFi. When we are not connected, then the app does not download the videos from the internet. When we are in a network, then the app works very well and the videos are downloaded in a very short time.

Vidmate 2014
Vidmate 2014 Free Download

Features of Vidmate 2014

This application is free to download and use, however, to be able to use the full features of Vidmate, you don’t need to subscribe to their premium plan.

  • High-quality video files can be downloaded.
  •  Videos can be played on Android devices.
  • You can download videos to watch offline.
  • You can download videos on your PC or Mac computer.
  • You can also share your videos with your friends via social media networks.
  •  You can also download videos from the Web and play them on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can use various subtitles.

How to install Vidmate 2014 on Android

Nowadays it is very easy for you to download and install apps from Android Market. There are many apps are available in Google Play Store. But some apps are not available on your smartphone. For those apps, there is another way to download and install. If you want to download and install Vidmate 2014 for your Android smartphone, just follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to download the APK files of Vidmate.
  2. Second, you need to copy the downloaded APK file on the SD card of your smartphone.
  3. Third, you need to select the ‘Install’ option from the Android ‘Start’ menu.
  4. Vidmate APK files size is approx. 3.85MB, so it takes some time to download.

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In conclusion, Vidmate 2014 is your best choice for online recording downloads, as it is one of the best HD video downloaders supported by 1000+ websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tumblr, and so on. Apart from having the ability to download recordings and music, Vidmate’s old version downloader also gives you access to the most recent arrangement, TV shows and films in HD format, and free live TV on the web.

Vidmate’s old versions are on a par with its new versions. It’s quite common for your old Android version of your phone to prevent you from downloading a newer version of an app. In this case, the former is the best option.